Victory of Women!


(Way off topic, anyways!) How’s this for “Cool Japan”?  

The world has watched horrendous scandal regarding verbal violence in Japanese government. Beautiful Ayaka Shiomura, member of opposition “Your Party” (Everyone’s party?)  became victim of sexist remarks that were bad enough to blow headlines in Japanese media.

This article in AJW sums it up:

“The fact that the words and deeds were by someone in a public capacity reveals that human rights awareness within Japanese society has not yet reached international standards.”

I remember beautiful movie by Kenji Mizoguchi in 1946, that handled exactly this very topic, called “Victory of Women”. When the film was released it faced hard criticism during the time, but man, that film was made in 1946. Not much has maybe changed in fucking 68 years, but from now hopefully and certainly will.

Women are the most beautiful thing ever happened to this entire damn planet. Society which doesn’t respect women is a mistaken society.

Here is link to the film in MUBI, please check it out

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