Soap opera effect

Via Lifehacker

If you or someone you know has ever unboxed a new HDTV and set it up only to find the video looks terrible and overly smooth, the problem is simple: Motion Smoothing, which often ships on by default, is enabled on the set, and turning it off will give you the experience you’re looking for.

This is something what really annoys me in modern TV’s. The interpolated motion just looks so unnatural, and pretty much kills the feeling of any cinematic masterpiece.  Moreover, the interpolation itself is often imperfect, resulting in occasional stuttering. I don’t care how it works but I want it turned off. It does indeed make The Godfather look like Bold and the Beautiful.

It also seems that this cannot be disabled on some TV’s.

I didn’t mind higher framerate of Hobbit. Not at all actually, for me it felt completely natural. Those are real frames, that’s why.

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