Regarding Yosemite’s Icons

Yosemite has all new icons. The rules this time seems to be orthographic projection and round or tilted rectangles, less gloss and shine.


If Apple really is serious about it’s new non-skeuomorphic UI design style, then why hold on to spinning platter Hard Drive icon? Especially since many new macs use SSD’s as their boot drive?

Moreover, this particular icon is not awfully appealing. The lighting is is unattractive. (Those screws by the way, what are they? They don’t look like torx screws) The label reads:

Internal Hard Disk
Handle the hard drive carefully to avoid damaging the circuit board. Make sure you are properly grounded

While this is a sound advice for handling internal hard drives, it’s plain silly to have it in icon.


Facetime icon instead is simply confusing. The telephone effectively obscures what appears to be a video camera in the background. It’s hard to understand what this program would do just by looking at the icon.



And, poor, poor Quicktime. It seems nobody loves you. This just doesn’t look good although it is recognisable.



Garageband’s icon is one of the more successful (and intricate!) ones. It has tons of detail including strings and even wood grain in the guitar if you look closely. If this is not skeuomorphism then I don’t know what it is.

The beloved Preview has a photo of a generic shore and a loupe, again orthographic projection with no perspective. There is some a photo of generic dry pebbles on behind. It’s not a bad icon and loupe makes sense, but preview can preview much more than photos.


Activity monitor is my favourite. It has that nice CRT kind of looking glow, it’s simple and makes sense. It also is not a detailed image representing a heart monitor, but a screen which refers generally to monitoring innards of something.

These icons are massive in size and look great in Retina Macs even when zoomed in to crazy proportions. As result, these naturally also will take more storage space and add to the sizes of apps.

I just wonder, why such hardcore realism is needed? Wouldn’t more simple reference to the applications be enough? As result this inconsistent icon design of Yosemite leaves me feeling confused. I really hope there will be update which improves the icon design.

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