If there was one program that I could say that has significantly improved my life and conciousness, it would be Ommwriter.
The app allows me to write without distraction, and it has significantly improved my ability to concentrate and write.
It is just beautiful.
You can freely adjust the writing space on your screen, and the app comfortably hides everything else on your screen. There is super simple menu that appears when you move mouse, and it quickly disappears when you start writing. Very well designed.
The new version of the app for Mac is optimized for Retina screen. The soft background images and changing color and soothing beautiful ambient background really help to forget distraction and just write.
The music in the new version is more melodic than the tracks in earlier version.
Even the keystroke sounds actually work, they in fact somehow help me to focus. They are just so cute and lovely, especially the one that sounds like I’m tapping a glass screen. Music and keystroke sounds however only make sense when using headphones.
I really recommend trying Ommwriter.

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