Retina Macbook Pro Early Impressions

So it happened that my boy spilled some orange juice on my 13″ old Macbook Pro. The beverage found it’s way inside the machine through the air vents in the display hinge. Display stopped working. Since fixing it would likely mean replacing the logic board, and the machine was starting to show it’s age anyway, I thought I might just as well buy new machine. I was first thinking about Macbook Air 13″ which would be a nice replacement to my old machine.

But when I saw the retina display MacBooks, I just thought, heck, since I’m buying new machine, why not to buy a proper notebook computer.

I chose 15″ retina Macbook Pro with default configuration, 8 gigs of ram, 256 SSD and Quad Core i7. (Late 2013).

I have now used the machine for five days, and I am very impressed. The display is amazing. It’s not only sharp, but also displays accurate colours. Perhaps the colours are not as rich as in my professional Mitsubishi monitor, but they seem to be very accurate even without calibration. Glare is very well under control, in fact it’s hard to notice any glare even in brightly lit rooms. Viewing angle is amazingly wide.

Machine is superfast. Applications start almost instantly. Booting up happens in seconds.

I edited couple of interviews with FCPX and there was no delays or dropped frames. Exporting to Vimeo was very fast. I am yet to try multiple simultaneous video tracks but there is no doubt that this machine will outperform my old Mac Pro Quad Core Xeon what comes to video editing.

8 gigs of ram might be kind of limiting, and it’s the only thing that I am slightly worried about. We’ll have to see how well Maverick’s dynamic memory compression is going to work.

I will write complete review of this machine after I have put it into more serious use. My first impression however, is very very positive.

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