Thunderbolt story continues

I took my Macbook Pro to Apple Store yesterday due to the issue of loose Thunderbolt connectors. I reserved a genius bar appointment in Omotesando store almost a week earlier.

The friendly Genius immediately confirmed the issue, Thunderbolt to Ethernet convertor dropped connection from a slightest movement of the cable. She asked other geniuses to come to check it and ran MRI diagnostics. There was actually trouble running the diagnostics since the computer was booted from a network drive using the Thunderbolt-Ethernet adapter. However, and therefore the issue was confirmed.

As I expected, the computer had to be sent to repair, and in all likelihood the logic board will be replaced, and maybe keyboard and chassis too. Since I’m still under 12 months warranty it should be free. It will take about a week or maybe  less, I was told.

Now, I could have just let it be and make a do with USB3 connections, perhaps buy USB to Ethernet adapter instead of using the wiggly thunderbolt, use USB drives and so on. However, I will likely use this computer more and more, and I might need to get a fast external drive for this to store and edit my photos, as well as connect this one to 4K monitor one day.

Even if I am able to get the Thunderbolt working by taping the connectors to the chassis who knows how long it will work if the connector is this unreliable from the beginning?

The Genius did mention to me that the computer might also be returned in it’s present state if the technicians in the other end are unable to find a flaw with the connectors. This feels a bit strange for one reason; how could Apple Genius and technician come to a different conclusion? The issue was already verified by the Genius and thus the decision was made to send this computer to be fixed.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

I must however say that Geniuses in Omotesando store were super friendly and professional. I hope that technician who fixes the computer will have same spirit.

I still have time to consider purchasing Apple Care for my Retina Macbook Pro. I have had logic board failure in my earlier Macbook Pro, as well as complete battery failure twice. I might buy it.

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