My dear friend, and a mentor. A true creator without limits. Meeting him really changed my life and my understanding of life and art, “self” and “soul”.

Usually artists seem to shy technology, especially digital. Artists seem to often choose what’s classic, antique or well documented. Jinmo instead embraces all new technologies in his acoustic and optic art, he absorbs anything what helps him to create, including using foc.us transcranial headset when composing music and his super modern Jinmoid guitar. Or his use of wireless microscope in his Nano Zen work in our joint exhibition “Rapport of Super Senses” last year. He is a true pioneer.

I find it so refreshing how his music can be both purely avant-garde but also melodic. This intriguing combination can be heard in his earlier album series “For my new friends”. For My New Friends Vol 1. starts with song St.Mika, organic seven minutes long ambient piece. “Takako” is a dreamy, huge piece with haunting vocal. Then “Sky Church” is something more casual, although original and typically “Jinmo”.

I find it beautiful how Jinmo also uses elements of Japanese traditional arts in his works, calligraphy, for example played important role in his work “Ascension Spectacle”. The way how he incorporates these elements is so honest. He doesn’t hide his Japanese roots. Then, in his optic works, it’s easy to see influence for H.R. Giger. He is like this huge filter picking anything he likes, and then creating original new work. He is a true conductor.

If there would be any barrier or obstacle between him and his creation,  he would just walk around it never stopping.

My preconceived notion about tortured artist, especially in world of avant-garde, couldn’t have been more misplaced. My first impression from his was a man who has true balance. He is a funny guy to be around with, and he truly seems to enjoy his everyday work and life. This is very very rare in the world of artists.

I am putting together a movie of interviews and events surrounding Jinmo. Please check out for more: https://vimeo.com/73071711

Jinmo’s official site: http://www.jinmo.com

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