Love to Hover

Hover seems really good and easy way to manage and register domains. The cost is super reasonable. Even domain privacy comes by default without extra charge. The whole process of domain transfer is delightfully straightforward and nice. I decided to transfer all my domains over to them so that they are all in same place. I warmly recommend.

Good Bye Flickr

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 8.58.24 AM

I decided to part my ways with Flickr.

To be really honest, I guess I lost interest after the major revamp of the site, and Marisa Meyer’s particular statement. I used to pay for being Flickr Pro member but after the new site came along it lost it’s charm. Pro users still got ability upload files larger than 200mb and upload more than 1TB worth of images, neither of which I need. There are some stats and other such minor things that the new standard accounts didn’t include, but anyway.

To advertise the site with the tag line 1TB was just a silly move for Flickr; from point of view of professionals (oh but I forgot, there’s no such thing as professional photographer anymore) it just doesn’t make sense because no human can produce that many good quality images, even if they are like crazy large. Not even those who are like really really talented. So this sounds a lot like Flickr is becoming a site where you are supposed to upload mobile phone shots of your cat’s meals and latest trends in fingernail decoration. No problem with that but it’s just not where I want to be.

Then there was the Flickr app for iPhone which has still not made it to the Japanese App Store. Therefore, there is no legit way for me to even experience it.

Moreover, Flickr community guidelines forbid linking to commercial sites (such as your own). The guidelines are weird at best. Obviously they are just protecting their own interest regarding their upcoming Marketplace. Nudity in particularly is very poorly explained, kind of grey area really, what really is restricted and what is moderate and what not. There is no clear explanation.

Then there was the Getty Images Flickr program (which is finished by the way) which made me wonder, is this still about passionate, genuine photography? Or is this becoming another stock photography site? Finally Flickr’s Wall Art whatever thing answered that question. Although they didn’t technically break the Creative Commons licence, gimme a break! That kind of thing is just something service provider does NOT do. Only a micro stock site does that. So that’s pretty much it.

There is one more thing I’d like to mention although this isn’t actually Flickr’s fault. This year (oh man what lousy year this was) one of my images was stolen from Flickr by this shady Japanese company. It was a simple photo of a woman in cafe, a friend of mine. Her photo was used to sell some beauty product. She’s in her 30’s but in the fake profile she was told to be 40s. It was a total hell to get the Japanese advertising company to understand that they had broken copyright law and finally remove the image.

Finally I got a call from one of the guys. The conversation went somehow like this:

“Excuse me sir, am I calling you at the bad time?”

“No, not at all.”

“Yes, uhm. I’m calling you about the image you took that we used in our website”.


“You see, we downloaded it from this website called Flickr. We have right to use the image legally”.


“Yes, have you ever heard of Flickr?”

I pointed the guy to the URL of my image and explained him the meaning of the copyright symbol. He was like “oh.. I see..” And that in fact my photo was not in Creative Commons. Next day with a cappuccino cup. I never got apology. But I don’t care. It appears that several Japanese companies are illegally obtaining images from Flickr in particular never minding whether it’s copyrighted or Creative Commons. Then, taking photos of Japanese people is my job.

Flickr? Nah, I don’t think so.

Regarding Facebook advertising

Facebook’s ‘legit’ advertising for likes is actually kind of a fraud. I would advice against spending money on it; you will not only lose your money, at the end these bought ‘likes” will cause damage to your exposure.

Check out this informative video by Veritasium.

Moreover, as the video teaches us; there is no way to delete the fake likes should you get those. Facebook, of course benefits from this sad state of affairs.

New Design of Hiyayaakko


It’s been really long time since I did anything substantial with my websites. I have long desired for something more simple and right-to-the-point design. I think I might have found it.

This new design is based on Córdoba template by Limitless. It uses great font Montserrat by Julieta Ulanovsky and Bebas Neue by Dharma Type. I really love these fonts and how they look.

There are still many small bugs to fix and I am in process of writing some more words to the site, but I like the overall look. It kinda looks like a magazine rather than website. And I get to show off couple important images in the front pages; those images are the most important thing in my life. Rest is secondary anyway.

Enjoy the new design at:


I had my Eureka! moment when my wife called me and I was away from my iPhone, using my iPad. The call came through to my iPad and I was able to answer it. Then, I was able to make ordinary calls with iPad and send SMS messages.

It’s something that doesn’t seem like it’s such a big deal, but actually it makes a lot of sense. This kind of effortless integration is one of the reasons why I love using Apple’s devices. For Handoff to work I had to do absolutely nothing, (except update to iOS8). Apple guessed I would like this to be enabled by default, and they were right.

Moreover, now I’m able to send SMS from my iPad. Really good thing. Can’t wait Yosemite so that I will be able to enjoy this kind of comfort from my Macbook Pro.