Angry Inch

How many of us replaces a watch every two years? iPhone 5 for example is kind of made like a watch. It’s extremely well made object. But so many people in Japan for example always want the latest and greatest, thus they abandon their extremely well designed and manufactured aluminium and glass iPhone 5 for the latest thing. What a pity, really.

I honestly think 4 inch iPhone 5 is perfect size for me. I don’t want it any bigger. It’s just right for me. It’s easy to handle and works perfectly. If I need to read or write a long article I’ll probably use Mac or iPad. Smaller device is also more discreet. And if I need to do something what I can’t do with 4 inch screen, I would still probably feel uncomfortable doing with 5 or 6 inch screen.

Gadget buying is kind of like having a fever. I admit it, honestly I would like to have Leica M6 with a really nice Leica lens. It would be amazing.. But I know if I would buy it I would probably soon get used to it. I would probably keep using it, but the pleasure of my shiny new camera would soon diminish. To be honest, actually my Voigtlander is probably almost as good as Leica. The experience of shooting isn’t that different. Instead of worrying about buying new shiny things, I focus on shooting more pictures.

Eric Kim has brilliant article, Happiness and Street Photography. Number one on his list “What hasn’t brought me happiness in street photography” is Cameras and equipment. I concur, Eric.

It’s good idea to use the money for experiences rather than material.

And you know, when we die we can’t bring any of that stuff with us.

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